Versus The World

by Siberian Meat Grinder

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Second mini-album from Russian crossover-thrash juggernaut.


released May 14, 2013



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Siberian Meat Grinder Russian Federation

Siberian Meat Grinder is a crossover gang from Russian frozen hell, mixing raging hardcore thrash with many different genres from black metal and rap to stoner rock. Destroy the heretics and traitors in the name of the Bear-Tsar!

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Track Name: From The Dust Returned
Man of steel: death and return
Blood spill, iron will, bridges to burn
Plague attack, I’ll be reborn
Back to the planet Tuul, I’m Blackthorne
Do you know what it’s like, what is the price?
To be the bad man, the sad man, behind blue eyes
Time flies, demise, Lord of the Flies
Bear mask on my face, its will never dies

You’re warned I spit the scorn, watch your back fool
From the dust returned
Word is born, watch you burn, protect your neck fool
From the dust returned
Something wicked this way comes, hear the war drums, it is time to drop the bombs
Bleeding gums, bodies burn, watch your back fool
From the dust returned

Don’t talk to me - I’m allergic to whores
I’m Pyramid Head and you are the Nurse
From bad to worse, better cut the shit
Hate that I spit, heads split, it’s too late to quit
The seed of maximum pain
I’m the new Bat who’s torturing Bane
Dead head, force fed, fall of Max Payne
Tapping your vein like insane, sky bleeds blood rain

From The Dust!
From The Dust Returned!
From The Dust!
Track Name: Die On The Road
We will never stop! Get up! Bop till you drop
Still in the game, long way to the top
Stay away, I gonna make them pay
Taking what’s mine all day everyday
Sleep is a cousin of death I never sleep
Is this my world? Gonna get a grip
Stay on the road, Never give up
You’re not a liar if you’re lying to a cop

Rob you for your cans I gonna bomb that train
Let me grab a mic to scream away the pain
Life is just a game and I've found the code
Pedal to the metal - Die on the road!

Shit-talkers gonna talk and the haters gonna hate
I’m building my empire while you sit and wait
You’re late, dead weight, Siberian dictate
I rule the jungle, your life’s on a plate
Sleep is a cousin of death I never sleep
Is this my world? Gonna get a grip
Stay on the road Never give up
You’re not a liar if you’re lying to a cop
Track Name: Siberian Keelhaul
The winds of Siberia are filling our sail
We raid the inner seas and our spirits never fail
Dead men tell no tales, steel nail, blood trail
The Tsar is coming for you, riding a killer whale
We gonna hunt you down, you gonna lose some fat
Bomb your town, take your crown, you’re nothing but a rat
Face the dread, seeing red
Bang your head, wake up dead

We plunder, pillage, vandalize - that’s a pirates' life for me
My cutlass to your guts, your skull will hit the deck
Under the banner of the Tsar we raid the boiling bloody sea
We gonna sink your fleet and make you walk the plank

Sea raiders of the Tsar will never have a rest
I look into your soul and take you for the test
Space Quest, You’d better hide in your hole
The heretics and traitors: time for keelhaul
The Flying Siberian is coming for your gold
Deathmold, life’s sold, terror untold
You’re dead meat, that’s your fault
Sharks will feed You’ve been told

Walk the plank!
The Original Pirate’s Life!
Hit The Deck!
Mic check, back to back
Attack of the wolf pack, time for strife
Track Name: Fire From The Grave
Pill after pill, another dream killed, you’re running with the rodent pack
You try and you try and they lie and they lie, step forward and two steps back
Lost in the endless tunnel to hell like a spaceship with no control
Pigs and freaks, bloodsucking ticks, they pushing you down. Don’t dare to fall

What a fiasco you’re talk of the town
Never give up, never back down
Behind your back they gonna call you a clown
Never give up never back down
Mr Nice guy, you’re the first to drown
Never give up never back down
Rats are out - it’s their killing ground
Never give up never back down

Back from the grave, riding the wave of anger, malice and wrath
Heads gonna roll, they fall and they fall, you’re bringer of pain and death
Guess who is back in an old town and who is now in control?
Hate, too late, retaliate, burning crusade, Fire take em all!